Tregothnan Earl Grey Loose Leaf 15 Pyramid Caddy

Tregothnan アールグレイルースリーフ15ピラミッドキャディ

Tregothnan Earl Grey Loose Leaf 15 Pyramid Caddy


アール・グレイ首相がこの素晴らしいブレンドを楽しんだのは200年後のことで、彼の直系の子孫(ファルマス卿はチャールズ・グレイ卿の第8孫である)が究極の賛辞を捧げました。私たちの "完璧なアールグレイ"は、彼が "最も英国のアールグレイ。



TregothnanのCornish茶、インドの最高のAssam、天然のCitrus Bergamiaオイルのプレミアムブレンド。この茶は、乳製品を含まず、グルテンフリーで、菜食主義者やビーガンに適しています。ピラミッドを作るために使用する材料は、コーンスターチから作られており、完全に堆肥化可能でプラスチックフリーです」

Earl Grey tea pyramids from Tregothnan. 200 years after Prime Minister Earl Grey enjoyed this wonderful blend, his direct descendant (Lord Falmouth is the eighth great grandson of Sir Charles Grey) has created the ultimate tribute. US tea blogger Geoffrey Norman recently raved about our “perfect Earl Grey,” which he described as “the most British Earl Grey. Ever.”

Tregothnan’s Earl Grey Tea Pyramids are simply infused with pure, natural Bergamot oil – it is both invigorating and uplifting, yet subtle and sophisticated. Our innovative loose leaf Earl Grey Tea Pyramids each contain our unique loose leaf teas in biodegradable silken tea pouches. All the perks of enjoying loose leaves without the need for a teapot or tea strainer! The pouches are made from cornstarch and are 100% biodegradable and plastic free.

Perfect hot with a slice of lemon, iced on a summer’s day, or blended with gin or vodka for a tinglingly good Earl Grey Martini. We do not recommend milk with Earl Grey but some distinguished drinkers do insist and we happily oblige! Satisfy yourself that this really is the best Earl Grey tea in the world.

A premium blend of Cornish tea from Tregothnan, the finest Assam from India, and natural Citrus Bergamia oil. This tea is dairy free, gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The material we use to make our pyramids is from cornstarch and is fully compostable and plastic free.