Tregothnan Afternoon Loose Leaf 15 Pyramids Caddy

Tregothnan 午後ルースリーフ15ピラミッドキャディー

Tregothnan Afternoon Loose Leaf 15 Pyramids Caddy


"このスマートな新しいスズは15のアフタヌーンティーピラミッドを含んでいます。ダージリンからの最高級の紅茶(Tregothnanのツイン)とCornishの不動産からの独特の手で摘み取られた葉の光とエキゾチックなブレンド。 。



Tregothnanの手で摘み取ったCornish Teaと、インドの庭園からの最高のDarjeeling Teaを美味しくブレンドしています。これは「シャンパン紅茶」を作ることで有名です。この茶は乳製品を含まず、グルテンフリーで、菜食主義者や菜食主義者に適しています。

This smart new tin contains 15 Afternoon Tea Pyramids. A light and exotic blend of unique hand-plucked leaves from our Cornish estate with the finest tea from Darjeeling (Tregothnan’s twin). Quintessentially British, our Afternoon Tea is delicately refreshing with invigorating citrus notes.

We think these Afternoon Tea pyramids are best savoured around 3pm (with a Cornish cream tea, of course!) – but it is equally as delicious at any time of the day.

How true these words from Henry James are: “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea” – Portrait of a Lady.

A delicious blend of hand-plucked Cornish Tea from Tregothnan and the finest Darjeeling Tea from the gardens of India, renowned for creating ‘the champagne of teas’. This tea is dairy free, gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.